Privacy Policy

This page was created to inform you about the data that is collected when you browse our website. Before using, please read our Privacy Policy to make sure you agree to all the points written below. In case you disagree with some information found on this page, please stop using our service. “We,” “Our,” “Website” refer to, “You,” “Your,” “Client” refer to any person visiting our website or asking us for assistance.

We notify you that no personal information is collected by without your permission. If you give any personal details to us, you do it voluntarily. We ask you to provide only your name and email. This information is needed to know how to address you and to deliver our services. collects Cookies. We need them to improve the quality of our services. If you don’t want Cookies to be collected, please change your browser settings.

The collected personal information is kept within 30 days. It is not shared with any third party.

We have a right to provide some amendments to this policy, so please, visit this page regularly to make sure you agree to the changes we've made.

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